TO​​​.​​​AM​/​FREE​​​.​​​AM - Digital 2009

by Obba Supa

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    Original Vinyl & CD released 29 Jul 2009
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PDF of Lyrics
Original Vinyl & CD Release Date: July 28 2009
Label Project Mooncircle

TO:AM is a dedication to the time
FREE:AM is an experiment in the freedoms of the infant hours
Two separate organism from the same body of concept naturally evolved from late night studio sessions all past the hour of midnight.
All Tracks Produced By Hey!Zeus.I
All Tracks Written By Teknical Development .IS & Hey!Zeus.I
All Tracks Recorded & Mixed At RDL Studios by Hey!Zeus.I

Featured Artist* (Lyrics by)
*Bruthaman, Floating Points (Keys), *Ray Vendetta, *Bad FX, *Ty Lowe


released November 18, 2015

All Tracks Produced By Hey!zeus.I
All Lyrics Written By Teknical Development .IS & Hey!Zeus.I
Except Featuring*

Track 5. Twighlight featuring* Hennessy
Track 8. Chanelist featuring* Floating Points on Keys
Track 9. Chanelist Snapshot featuring* Ray Vendetta
Track13.The Evolution Of Dreams featuring* Bad FX
Track 16. Ty Lowe Interlude featuring* Ty Lowe
Track 24. Wot U Chattin Bout featuring* Ray Vendetta



all rights reserved


Obba Supa London, UK

& Teknical Development .IS
are Obba Supa
Musical duo from London, UK.
First album was released in 2009. Currently still actively releasing records.

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Track Name: Escapade Escaping
Escapade Escaping
Written by Teknical Development.IS


Escape the escapades of life like its suicide/
Souls is missing whilst your mind controls your body to walk/
I guide the words along the sun/
Like the sense of a dog guide the blind/
Inner power, provide the type of verbal light I move within/
Shine bright, same as the sun/
The moon and the stars/
Super Nova when my body drops/
Cosmic patterns changes/
Now I exist within the difference/
Time means nothing in the realm that I move within/
Teach my children right from wrong?/
We never scared to talk about the left side of life/
The place that makes Teknical Development The IS/
Abstract from the other side/
Watch your soul, when you step forth/
Crossing over, making changes in my verbal closet/
Cant walk the path of this skill/
The styles of this microphone control/
Alienate self, recluse residing on another Planet/
Spitting my rhymes on Earth/
In the form of a standing Human Being/
Skin marvel with that melanin/
Something to die for/
Respect for the sun, natural power/
The fact that black absorb, amplifies my life/
Bone structure tired from the stress/
Better thoughts calms internals/
Reacting to life with the stance of that discipline/
Infinite pleasure when the IS/
The verbal ArchiTek build rhymes with better structure
Track Name: Barefaced
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Riding on the train, its early morning/
Underground I'm tired/
Eye sight it clock the advert/
Promoting that cash soon retired/
Facial expression it changes/
The one now turns the handle closer to the door opening/
One nation under the sun/
With a different type of meaning then the type out the sound of funk/
Nemesis of life assassinates its own plan/
Shedding skin, like a fucking snake/
Death to those, who's brains condole the actions of rape/
Infested with disease manifestation takes its stake/
Medication, poisonous liquids/
They travel through syringes like heroin/
Navigate, with intention speed up the application to die/
Pace myself through the steps/
Tryna keep to that left side/
Open up the art of decoding/
Hieroglyph technique, peace to Egyptian/
Pyramids keep the points of evils away/
Like they warned about on the walls engraved/
Track Name: Fly On Turntable
Fly On Turntable

Verse One Written by Hey!Zeus.I

Midnight times, Big Bens world chimes/
Moon eye and Sun settled/
Street speckled with peeps/
And time keeps me away from my home, deep/
Half an hour, nine stops, second left offa' Church Street/
Two seats separated from a mad man who might cuss/
I ride the night bus/
With drunks, workers and freaks/
Fiends sleepers and a tight caste/
Veils under the nights mask/
Unseen while the city dream/
Scored by sirens, and hummer base boxes/
Ipod's high and headlights chase Foxes/
Broken street lamps/
And the kebabs are toxic/
Chickens on steroids/
Fried up with no love/
Only if i'm starvin otherwise no love/
Falling stars, dying comets/
Starting the path in this shit/
Gutta, lying in vomit/
Masked rock profit/
Exchange for cash put in pockets/
Fat wallets, slim chances/
Plane clothes will clock it/
Poisonous pussy prostitutes/
Track scabs up the arms/
Taking jobs to the car park/
Recruit, that's why I keep watch the night like Steve Scott/
I hear the four tongue lies/
But believe not/
Snakes try and spite and take what we got/
But try all you like/
You never see me flop/

Verse Two written by Teknical Development .IS

Out the speaker travel marvellous sound/
Feed from the vibes provided/
Listen as our souls float/
Watch the Phoenix rise after verbal cleansing/
The resurrection, whilst flames burn/
The heat speaks, a language of its own/
Through fiery rage/
The shield that supports the situation/
Melts like the weakest off plastics/
Crack skill dead centre/
Break you down to that size/
Analyse the mayhem, like Max/
Edmonton masked/
Evil Demons Moving On Towards Other Nations/
Populated by Police, the young kids flourish like wicked flowers/
Support the ignorance of a person that exist beyond my standing body/
The black Cat walks along your page lines to clarify the glitch/
The penny drops/
Spins on its unseen axis/
Flat planet, with two faces/
Her nose face downwards, the tails exposed/
Corrupt the truth, money lies/
Two:AM the meaning of the sound/
We sick, explicit, spit knowledge/
Slash your thoughts/
Via imagination in the story telling/
Subconscious times/
I sit object in reality/
Word captured as they try rush pass me/
Track Name: Twighlight *Featuring Bruthaman

Written by Hennessy

Hold the pen and we write it perfect/
Powers in the written make it splendid/
The making of the sound leads to something infinite/
Two walking planets with that special talent/
Combination of our skills/
Beauty so complex/

Written by Teknical Development .IS

Angels falling outta Heaven/
Take you back to love is/
The emcee spitting realness/
Different to them stories/
Create the images, hold your mind slave to the meaning/
Of wasting the brain, evolution out of control/
The mind, the mechanics the movement of shifting souls/
Keep the craft sacred, close to self/
Like the walking footprints of my children/
God son, the male fabricated by the one/
Walks on different planes/
The surface far away from me/
I rather close my eyes and tap into the infinite/
The energies touching nature/
Turn towards the angles of the Sun/
And when it sets, glimmer in the light of the moon/
Constellate my words across the page like its the sky/
Walk along the lines of history/
Turning pages, saving self through my writing/
Simple meaning, providing Heaven in self/
Exert my own words, my own flows, no biting/
Tear your head off/
Sorry keep it calm its Two in the morning/
We keep our souls over controlled/
Work in life, those Three brains/
As they combine to create self/
You, the magnificent/
Spliff'd, been a while in my rhyme since i mention it/
These days i use my ink and wisdom/
To write about more important things/
Extra terrestrials above the clouds/
Listening to the future/
Obba Supa in its foetus stages/
Moral of the factor of patience/
The illest feeling of sound and lyric/
Hey!Zeus and Tek, offering soon to touch the planet/
Track Name: Kushon Peng
Kushon Peng
Written by Teknical Development .IS

The sound crashing with the words within the flow/
Collide like waves upon the mountain face/
The rocks of your mind/
Cushioned by the comfort of the beat/
We fall together with no caution whilst you listen/
Respect for what I'm speaking/
Poetry is moving/
The minds wheel begins to spin/
Our thoughts matter/
Matter in the thought/
I guess this be the answer to the question/
For the reasons why i feel like this/
Stressed, disrespect the mother of my children/
Tho whatever happens/
Yo' I know I shouldn't/
Need to think about ways to stay calm like a Buddhist/
Mental raw, parents say they can't take it/
Eyes well, whilst I look in faces/
Like I'm reading minds/
Expression spoke, hand gestures/
Singles attached to shrugged shoulders/
So much truth in the past/
It fools the future to live in fantasies of many lies/
You see it animated/
I pray Obama keep his word/
Like an ill emcee making changes/
Connect together the world like a perfect puzzle/
But we need to understand/
One man, he don't hold all the answers/
Stand together in the form of all races/
Secret like the frame that hold the painting of a Black Mary/
Cradling that young Black Jesus/
The Pope I know he seen this/
Unexplained visits fix his vision/
But the masses still corrupted by the edited/
Decapitate me if I'm wrong/
Like a gifted lyricist/
Using skills amazing for the success of his bull shit/
Track Name: Chanelist Snapshot *Featuring Ray Vendetta
Chanelist Snapshot *featuring Ray Vendetta

Written by Teknical Development .IS
Hook written by Ray Vendetta

Ray Vendetta: Verse One/Hook

Picture the back drop/
You can take a snapshot of cameras/
On roadside, the one eyed Cyclops/
Caught the whole episode/
Raw and uncut/
Its text book horror/
Make your spirit jump up/
Set the scene/
Its To:AM, everything is calm/
Till some madness sparks off/
A whole heap of arms/
And the endings deep/
Bodies fall like the autumn leafs/
Silent whispers was heard before they fell asleep/

Verse Two: Teknical Development .IS

Seconds pass like a prostitute/
She's fucking with reality/
She's giving birth to minutes/
They age face/
Evolution send them straight to hours/
Now the page slows down/
We waiting for the day to shed its skin/
We waiting for them 4 zeros/
The number stands with the shadow of 7/
Destination now making a week slave/
At the same routine, monotonous cycles/
Like we living broke with the illest of rhymes/
Displayed along the lines/
Blind people see it/
Their senses are better/
Lost within the sound vibrations on a daily basis/
Time speeds up its heat beat/
Now we knock upon the door to the end of the month/
Charged by the bills as we enter/
The same door, just a different name/
Disguised at 25 years past, Now I think fuck/
Mechanics of the engine built/
Planes canvas soon/
In motion like poetry embedded with the black prints/
Things have to change/
Tryna break out the shackles of this life/
Rewire the make up of my brain/
Nothing that they say about the subject is hardwired/
Lost within self/
The same movements as fellow humans/
Jumping off the cliff peak without no safety harness/
I land safe in the waters of my flow/
Swim to a new surface/
Hard sound it play the ground/
Residing waiting patiently sits Hey!Z/
The new direction is followed/
Now we lead to our musical destiny's/
Where the loops, snares, kicks and drum beats/
They hold mad history/
Ancestors take it back to the first second/
Hey decides to create his first beat/
The same process for my first rhyme/
So from now till then to now pass forever/
Ill creators over sound/
Deny it then you walk deaf on this planet till you die/
Its sad that the facts so blatant pass by like a lost child/
Track Name: Monotonous Cycles
Monotonous Cycles
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Eruptions in the thinking process/
Glitches by the lost of concentration/
Confused, nothing begins to matter/
You failing scared on the grounds impact/
Days pass, you haven't landed/
This trip could last forever/
The answers spark the thoughts to generate self/
Aim to heights you never thought of/
Hard enough but better then eternally falling/
Forever lost on the grip of self/
But nobody knows/


Sexy female in a red dress/
The Devils first/
She creped from the realms of that torture/
Now she walk the realms of Earth/
She searching for her lover/
Its an Angel/
They sexing with that rage and passion/
Birth to that good and evil found within a human being/
Watch your next steps when that rage it sparks/
Chaos walks the path of your mind/
Fall to your knees/
Your fist it slams the floor/
Screams from the pits of your souls/
Speak the language, drink to drown your sorrows/
The rotten bodies of the past, they float/
The active memories/
Selected by the moment that you tryna shake/
No hands, so now you left stranded disrespected by self/
Foolish person walking on the grounds of this planet/
Surveillance out the face/
Paranoid, searching for the dangers/
Magic trick effects the brain in the form of smoke from your spliff/
The potency attaches self to your senses/
Eruptions in the thinking process/
Glitches by the lost of concentration/
Confused, nothing begins to matter/
You failing scared on the grounds impact/
Days pass, you haven't landed/
This trip could last forever/
The answers spark the thoughts to generate self/
Aim to heights you never thought of/
Hard enough but better then eternally falling/
Forever lost on the grip of self/
But nobody knows/
But that mirror
Monotonous cycles, that need to dance alone/
But they still hold your hands for that last dance/
You need to save that dance for your shadow/
The day you dance with yourself/
Open up the destiny/
New option better situation/
Even out them angles in life/
Tryna create that full circle/
Walk the Earth, shine bright like that Moon/
Take or spit on the advices from old wise minds/
They to supreme to react to deaf ears, after wasted voices/
Using energies outta old souls/
The key to turn to unlock the next steps/
Rest in the place sound vibrates/
Listen whilst we focus, to the sounds concentration/
We linking, so strong the source of life to keep the mind stable/
Corruption lives in the foil, pipes and syringes/
Through the veins, nose or straight smoke it/
The other options, raping self whilst the hands that rock your cradle become rich/
They serve to fix on your new life/
Roll down, you walk the streets after darkness/
Wasted life hanging onto the joys of your next fix/
Blast the souls on the Earth that provide such a service/
The karma effect the growth of your kids/
The day the past that you created/
Catch them with the walking steps/
You dead, they depressed/
And now through the shadows/
The demon with them no eyes they offer them their first hit/
Memories they flood the theatre/
Act on the vision in the mind/
Voices of you being him explaining why you shouldn't take it/
Too late, to that point echoes of a huge slam/
From a cell door caste the feeling of trapped/
Slave to the science, the drugs of man forever/
Track Name: The Evolution Of Dreams *Featuring Bad FX
The Evolution Of Dreams *Featuring Bad FX
Verse One Written by Teknical Development .IS
Verse Two Written by Bad FX

Verse one:

Above the clouds the words released/
The sacred heart of emcees/
Pierce the chest to purify the circulation/
Expose the thoughts random on the page/
Decisions over sounds/
Expose the craft as you listen/
The alcohol mixes it with the sea/
My flow it flood the microphone/
The verbal is with multiple meaning/
The evolution of dreams/
When the mind it travels pass the night/
Body still like you laying dead/
Alive, Henny walking through the door/
The breathing inspiration/
Grab my cup I sip my brandy/
E&J it burn the plastic/
Toxic through the orifice/
The tablets on the page/
With that new rhyme engraved/
Freedom through that verbal, spit what I want/
Imagine time, the title of the CD/
Gift to the nation, the other species/
Collection of the special souls on Earth spinning/
Asking self what's the point in breathing/
Zoned visual flicker in the mind I see my children/
Their mother and my bredrins/
Free to speak, emotion travel from the place I only know/
Never scared to express the points pass the normal/
Exercise the mind, calm vibrations of the body/
Trust self and the sound a rare thing/
Sad to say I smile because its different when it comes to Hey!Zeus creation/

Bad FX

Verse two:

Mind over flowin with patterns gotta control it/
Conceal em' within these verses/
You can tell when I wrote it/
I bill it, smoke it no roach in/
Meditating approaching, sit back relaxin/
Indulging the vibe that I got from toking/
The worlds on its axis, but I spin on my own/
Round and round to different buds that have been in my dome/
Been high for 12 hours/
And I'm still in the zone/
Many years pass and RDL, were still on the throne/
Put a gym in your home/
Get wedge and you can still get knock down/
When I lyrically rip out your throat/
He aint heard about us/
Better give him a note/
Tek-D, the master emcee, The IS and the smoke/
He done your whole career/
And it isn't a joke/
Watch me rise to the top like the fizz in the coke/
Your whole style is similar to a singer missing a note/
Very whack, now that shit isn't dope/
Track Name: At Any Given Time
At Any Given Time
Written by Teknical Development .IS


Spliff declining like the Earth rotating/
The axis near broken/
Soon we stand unstable/
The page born the same time as the beat/
Supreme scripture covered by the blackness/
Ink it cries with a proudness/
From the eye of my pen/
Hear my words, it sparks a feeling never felt/
Imagination roams the worlds of its own/
The sound priceless/
Like the thoughts of freedom/
The mouth screams as the world whips the back of Africa/
Directed by the Sun light/
But the night shift it glows sharper/
The mind The IS possessed, the thinking process similar/
But always changing, making a difference with the craft that I spit with/
Setting a standard never/
I'm rhyming for myself my children and my peoples/
Not to forget them real listeners/
Hard from the start/
See the footage as I write it/
News report but my shit is real, raw authentic/
Subject changing on the random, walking steps towards me/
Its dark, exhale my smoke/
The cloud touch the soul of two children walking/
Eyes stray from direction of their parent/
Avoid confrontation, simple sorry under my breath/
No reply as expected, odd situation/
But anything happens in my rhyme at this any given time/
Free:AM craft personality, its time travel/
Close my eyes open my mind/
Step into For:AM dimension/
Tek and Zeus develop a landscape/
The new planet of sound/
Your ears new home to, new species/
Represented by new words, the new verse for the peoples/
We construction is complete/
The planetary alignment grows one extra towards the infinite/
The Obba Supa/
Track Name: The Bass Is
The Bass IS
Written By Teknical Development .IS


Imagination it lingers the mental movies start/
As I spit, but before this I resided speechless/
Like an ornament that's priceless/
Ancient, important to the meaning of existence/
Rhyming as the time ticks/
The seconds nothing to time it takes to compose this special craft/
Free:AM different hour, different vibe/
Always changing like a reptile/
Or like a crazy mind unstable/
Reality is folded like an envelope/
Post these words/
Your mind receives it, your soul ecstatic/
Now you listen to the sound/
Open up your every feeling/
Words that coat the beat like paint on walls/
Sacred craft thats 25 years old, and getting older/
My verbal over Zeus sounds will never pill/
9 months later/
First cries from your child cos she never took it/
Now your future steps trace the face of a parent/
She lied like these emcees/
Now you pissed vex and mad/
The type of shit that make you kill/
Shocked by the birth of seeds/
Equations of life/
Answered by the questions in your next steps/
Swing the rusty rhyme of verbal mechanics/
I'm breaking down the slingin spittas/
Destroy the circuits like robotics/
Move coated by the darkness/
The skies floor, the support of my rhyme/
Simple steps from these heights take me past predictions/
Views on how we gonna keep it raw like this/
Dumb fuck, we eternal/
Meaning of every creation perfected by our skills unprotected/
Yo' we let the time fly/
Its ten years pass, we still droppin it raw/
The truth, imagination and for the youth that knowledge
Track Name: The Last Clouds Of The Cosmics
The Last Clouds Of The Cosmics
Written By Teknical Development .IS


Exhale the last clouds of the cosmics/
It hits the brain, the curtains close/
The eyelids wide shut/
The mind begins to open pass the normal/
The mental screens plays the movie before the night spreads/
Sleep and walk the wonder lands like Alice/
Smoking chalice with the figments of imagination/
Changing dimension through the face of the minds when we sleep/
Pay the price through the visual/
Force the brain to canvas/
The future talks visual clips flicker pass the minds eye/
Record it, tell it like a secret pay attention to the nightly episodes/
They hold the secrets, unknown/
Blank canvas of the mind, they don't storm/
The sad cases, blind no the birth of nightmares/
Break the point of darkness/
Dreams flourish from the world of creative minds/
Eyes closed, let your mind sail/
Stage it takes form, wonders of the brain during sleep/
Created live to rest printed forever in the banks of your memories/
Track Name: Sicker Side Of Poetry
Sicker Side Of Poetry
Written By Teknical Development .IS


Ghost that walk around with hard faces/
Alive till the points their steps make prints/
Hard to comprehend the ones that exist/
Breathing but reside past dead inside/
Emotion sour fruitless/
The flesh rots whilst raw thoughts they eat the body/
Sick infestations, the words hurt/
Some will burn the CD/
Some will hear past the meaning/
Fire in our heart, touch the pages/
Truth unfolds, evolve the form that hang lives/
Balance of exhausted lies tip the hands of time/
Six feet deep for nothing/
If there is, then the body even closer to hell/
Heat rises so on Earth many got theirs soul touch/
All it is, is a simple glimmer of the eye of chaos/
Leads to clutches of hands stained by the blood of revenge/
From a weak thought depressed made stronger by false inspirations/
What I say hear pass my words/
Man travel life like abortions/
Breaking through complex actions of slow terminations/
Walk the Earth happy blinded to the fact of possible invasions/
Breach the core, the ones underground react with questions/
Open minds stay closed due to ignorance/
Past the rhyme in time/
This is sicker side of poetry/
Emotion from the side of distance, moving further internally/
Things, changes, I keep my eyes open/
Senses locked pass the cosmics/
Track Name: Cosmic Blast
Cosmic Blast
Written By Teknical Development .IS

Lay the spliff down to rest/
Half the life is left/
Turn towards the pages/
From the plans of the mind/
Jump the words that fill the space in between theses lines/
Feeding from the natural/
Invest in cooper bracelet/
Wriest band like Gladiator/
Fight the force that infect the body/
Save the children/
Cure the wonder/
By allowing their thoughts to be free/
Talk on such imagination/
So clear seems the figment/
Crumbles as the mind shines/
Favour the out door therapy/
Past the laws of medicated poisons/
Help the self, allow the box to open/
The range has no ending/
Continuous cycle of extreme pleasure/
The pains of walking this Planet/
In the matter, the body of an animal/
A Human, no different/
In the sense to why you exist/
To anything else your eyes perceives as real/
What matters is you/
Take the moment/
Think about self/
The many books and words over lines/
My thoughts the feelings of multiple emotion/
Bind by the place I release/
Help the ones that relate/
Many life's that are different but similar/
Help is here, in the form of words over vibration out the speaker/
Sound waves that prove the points to listen/
Track Name: Killing Souls In Style
Killing Souls In Style
Written By Teknical Development .IS


Some sample voices giving meaning to the song/
Hey!Zeus, he sample sound to cure the soul/

Verse One

Some sample voices giving meaning to the song/
Hey!Zeus, he sample sound to cure the soul/
So much is missing/
Missed goals that lead to nothing/
But wishing you dragged back to reality by the strong hold/
Drugs, sex, violence and the drinks/
Unemployment's, we need to relax/
Potions that bubble over glasses/
Dramatic truth, the fiction animated/
Caught by the colours, language and the straight lines/
Switch the light and now the glow shines/
Red match the eyes/
The two Planets stuck in the face/
The orifice it opens, verbal out the mouth piece/
Like emcees Out Da Ville/
That's years back, I talk on the now/
Dark skies, with that meaning forms the ground/
As the clouds resemble signs of a storm approaching/
X-Men, She dies tryna fuck with this weather/
Its temper change the outcome of life on Earth forever/
Connecting minds like a network/
Trading information and knowledge/
Helping one another gain a better over standing/
Close the mic, mind is open, the hole it create/
Special like the truth in the science fiction of a star gate/
Debatable but ignorance it got its throat sliced/
So now the ones it once occupied/
Free now forever/
Alive, life is made harder then it should be/
Contributed by the one that stares back/
Same eyes, same stressful face/
Anger stacks like the thoughts of being rich/
We war against self with the same things/
Kings in the name of men die over speeches/
Triggers pulled by fingers/
Desperate measures of the enemy/
Destroy the future/
Making history for the youth gifted misery/
Track Name: Tek Tell Tales
Tek Tell Tales
Written By Teknical Development .IS


Tek tells tales/
Tales Tek tells, tales sick/
Tell tales Tek/
Tek tells tales big/
Tell Tek to tell tales/
And light spliffs/
And tell some tales up quick/


Time froze in his eyes as he ego slips/
From the place that his body now resides/
Echoes only heard/
Ears corrupted/
The sounds you hear are those foot steps/
Rushing around a broken body/
Screams resemble torture/
The view such a horrifying shock/
Blood stains, it drips/
Falling from your face/
Tears of your last cries/
Ones who don't care, they walk on by/
But live to tell their families on what they just see/
They hug their kids with such a passion/
The sounds of sirens/
They play the score for the night/
Howling like a pack of hungry wolves/
Car door still left open/
Numbers on the side next to white lies/
In the form of sentences/
Witness speaking voice trembling/
Police officers they tryna intimidate/
They fuming, pissed off/
Like they blaming you for this murder/
All you saw was what look like a routine stop/
Officers hand, waving up in dudes face/
He's smoking a zoot, hand in pocket/
Community officer shook/
Young lady, early twenties../
Saying nothing, "we need to step back"/
Something in civilians brain/
It switch like a Pit/
Jackal and Hyde/
Manner of scale/
Voice of a Warrior/
He scream " you fucking like knife crime?"/
Stop this, he slice his face/
Flesh look like a partial sea/
Crimson waters drench his uniform/
Panic spreads, his heart rate increases/
One for the road/
I see you in hell/
He sliced his throat/


Tek tells tales/
Tales Tek tells, tales sick/
Tell tales Tek/
Tek tells tales big/
Tell Tek to tell tales/
And light spliffs/
And tell some tales up quick/

Verse Two:

He slams his cars breaks/
Not a chance in hell to check his mirrors/
Tyres scream, rubber burns,
He smells it through the open window/
Music still bumping out the speakers/
All he heard was the thump over bass lines/
As the bonnet hit her body/
Face smash the window/
All he got was that broken noise/
Lucky bastard, had his seatbelt on/
Now he's shacking, can't move/
Like he frozen, shook by the life that he just took/
Conscious part of his brain manufacture thoughts/
Drive away, burn the car/
Its late night very quite/
Vine yards in France/
Kinda like the lanes in Switch Blade Massacre/
He finds his feelings back/
Now his powers/
Click by that seatbelt/
Acute pain from the rib section/
Slowly opens up the door/
Left foot out the grave/
Blurry vision helped by that one working head light/
Feet plays a tune as he steps the ground/
Mixed with the gravel and the shattered glass/
Radiator steam hissing/
Water leaking/
Engine tapping/
Grill drippin, with the Human elements/
The fluid that runs like a train/
Underground in that vein/
Not to notice, long brunette hair/
Face missing body twisted/
Hand bag near by/
Opens it, photo card provided by the One/
Displays the name Antoinette/
He never knew her, since he's close to home
Walking backwards/
Falls on the floor/
Cries only feed the ears of hell/
Folded like a deck of cards/
For the last time/
He pulls out the phone and dials the number to his future cell/
Track Name: Gris De Gris
Gris De Gris
Written By Teknical Development .IS

Floating, stranded rested letters/
Crew members of the ship/
The words that sails along the minds waters capsized/
Some never made it/
Imagination, it attacks the vessel/
Creatures from the deep/
Composed by the thoughts that reign supreme/
Savage passion smashing through the steel/
Weathers of the mind is changing/
Waters evaporating/
Now we floating in space/
Wonders of the weird/
The world is spinning crazy/
Twisted like the clouds released from the gift of self/
Grown by the unknown/
We smoke it pass it, now its back to its maker/
Cries as you grip the roach for the last time/
The ashtray forever be the pits of dust/
The destiny, travel with the smoke as it rises/
While the illusion of time/
Its moving with the seconds/
Hands on the faces drops the orders/
My life cycle disobey, the pain it hurts/
And with the open arms the title heals/
The contents of the sound for the meaning/
Four chapters/
The path towards the sickest thing, the illest/
Hear the journey visualise the words and souls/
With aims to reach a point of no return/
Sound vibrations it be the guidance/
The trip of life, the powerful energies/
Release electrics in the mind/
To spark that realness/
Over sound we drop it how we want/
With our mad styles, for the people/
Meaning the Man, Woman and Children who walk this fucked planet/
Meaning the Man, Woman and Children who walk this fucked planet/
Track Name: Wot U Chattin Bout *Featuring Ray Vendetta
Wot U Chattin Bout *Featuring Ray Vendetta

Verse One: Ray Vendetta

Ray of light, break emcees down to a molecule/
You man are youts, and they cant eat solid food/
Claim to have bars and couldn't even count one/
They spittin poop they already know the out come/
Picking up a weight that their arms cant hold/
And they compromise putting price tags on their soul/
Its a minstrel show all these clowns are hopeless/
Stand up comedians/
Straight up jokers/
Culprits get pointed out like where's Woolly/
So I don't need to loose my sleep/
There's no worry/
And I don't battle much/
But my sword stay sharp/
So I spit like a jet stream
Rain shower darts/
Its torrential thoughts crash round in my mental/
I'm skilled on the M-I
Skilled with a pencil/
Sketching a blueprint of ways to rappers out/
They weak spittas/
What the hell they chattin bout?/

Verse Two: Hey!Zeus.I

I'm a monster like Ermon/
These bitches bourbon/
Adam like Festa/
Get an Hey!Zeus sermon/
Emcees pussy and Boydem are murkin/
Tink tings custie then blood your not observing/
Wont get a word in/
You can find me lurkin/
Posed position /
With the index certain/
Don't work in reality like Sikhs with low turbon/
More observing, baby coming from a virgin/
No runnin' from the hurtin'/
System caught in life's wheel of fortune/
Tables are turning/
Last stand, final curtain/
What yall, its the final curtain/

Verse Three: Teknical Development.IS

Lost in the sound I'm vexed, living on Earth/
Days pass out the speakers/
Nothing but emcees corrupted/
Cracking the minds of the youth with their ball shit/
Wash the brains of these young girls/
Evolve to dancing bitches/
Slave to the gold in your rhymes/
Flick the light, the demon speaks/
With that heat that kills/
Burn your soul for the rape over sound/
Disgusted, Tek Ray and Zeus combination like a drink/
We spit on your grave/
Sounds insane but I mean it/
Reveal the picture with the use of alphabetic arrangement/
Through the use of magic over mind/
We summon every part of the beat/
We give em' life/
No revenge it takes place whilst on stage/
Spittin, in front of masses/
Sorry to say they dumb fucks/
Out the speaker steps your nemesis/
The one that ends the life of assassins/
Now you feel the pain of the rape/
The metal version, brain starts to leak/
The sickest thing you ever flow/
Thoughts linger as the spells break/
The people standing once like the living dead/
Now refreshed, now we drop it on some real shit/
The vibe, the sound we create 'very therapeutic'/
Beats By Zeus create life heard on the quest/
To hang the souls of the verbal's spittas slingin'/
Lyrical design to destroy the mind/
Through your words, not important/
Hold the thought on new life/
The canvas to grow leads to ended life like abortion/
Track Name: Free.AM Today
Free.AM Today
Written By Teknical Development .IS

In a world of madness millions of souls/
They walk around trapped within bodies like ants/
Larger scales of different ways of life/
Words, emotional stresses they cloud the brain/
The body infected by chronicle pains/
Sacred thoughts that you hold/
Cant bare the price that you cant afford/
Now they lost you should have spoke about it/
You got a talent and that blank canvas/
Your page the tablet to your works of perfection/
The craft a simple blessing/
The way you use it draws attention/
Your words comfort the sadness/
But inside one resides dead blind to ones own advices/
You got your people, your boyz/
The ones you say you die for/
Talk to them about your problems/
And the reason to why mind body and soul it feels corrupted/
Suicidal perhaps/
Notes left on side boards it just aint enough/
Or is it coded in the rhyme since the first sentence/
He told me that he wanted to make a mends with his mother/
Week later found murdered something on his mind/
Along time wishing everything/
I had spoke to him earlier/
Break the loop of life, impossible/
So now nothing comforts many occasions/
I feel to concern certain desires/
Fuck it like religion/

Crazy now the cycle changes/
The sound different as time past/
Last night projects prove the combination still tight/
Like eyes that can't express/
Tears now their minds trapped by their egos/
Vertical and now the balance disturbed like your senses/
Drunk by yourself vexed cos the bottles near done/
Phones close, all it takes is phone call/
Tek I stop, rush your eyesight see me quick/
Confine in my essence/
My ears open they say miserable it love company/
For my peoples around a table bag of weed, a drink/
My ears open all day/
Forget that selfish psychological shit/
You need to express, let that shit out/
Shout in a rage I done it/
Walking the path of chaos like its a personal hell/
Sean saw it, he knows my secrets/
Things i would have done, maybe wouldn't be here/
But we spoke, the conversation healed my soul/
Never felt a feeling like this/
Like seeing Henry in a coma/
Listen something close trapped on my mind forever/
His mother calls me/
Dem days I resided Nottingham, The Ville/
Back to London after points of communication/
Doctors explaining he ain't responding/
To no known medical technique on Earth/
I proceed with permission from his mother/
Grab his hands with exact words/
Yo you need to get up plus I come all the way from North/
Plus with this rhymin' we gonna make it/
With more truth then Jesus rising/
I hear him say Dean I hear you/
But where are you?/
Track Name: Zeus An Tek Shit
Zeus An Tek Shit
Written By Teknical Development .IS & Hey!Zeus.I

Verse One Written by: Hey!Zeus.I

Verse Two Written by: Teknical Development .IS

Grab the pony tails of life/
Liberty gets taken on some raw shit/
Its late night, she's walking hands out the mist/
Drags her with his man strength/
Sex without permission, now she's raped/
This kind of shit it happens everyday/
Years ago the man in charge applied savage pressure/
Raping female slaves, daughters in front of their fathers/
Sickening, the thoughts its bringing tears/
Like the ones that flow out of face of mother/
Who's son was killed/
Murdered by police in cold blood/
Underground, Brazilian laying dead fucking raw/
I say hang them officers/
Make their last feeling the saddest/
Noose around their necks/
Make them feel the same pains as the souls of black people/
Dead hung, body dead within the wind/
Before all that Baby P shit/
I said social services nothing but some bull shit/
Fucking hang them all/
Before it happen, it happen to young black girl/
She was African/
Case not treated the same/
You see the difference?/
Gettin ruffed up in public/
By son of bitch that wears a badge/
Face slammed onto car bonnet/
Cuff tap my bones/
Abusive behaviour evolved from pigs/
To nothing but that shit/
They drop recession like a magic trick/
Watch close/
Three sets of two soon block your path of life/
You think you free cos' of your pay check?/
Your fuckin stupid, ya trapped life Christ on a cross/
The reason how they tell it, is the reason why I disrespect/
So when corruption kills consider yourself lucky/
Now you see what's after life/
The truth, perhaps this is why they call suicide a sin/
Possible the mental lock to not doing/
Is your soul strong enough to find peace forever/
Take your own life/
Walking through the doors to find the answer/
Track Name: Bring U Back
Bring U Back
Written by Teknical Development .IS
Hey!Zeus *Hook

Bring U Back

Hook: Hey!Zeus.I

If the tears that I cry could build a stairway to heaven/
I cry 1000 tears and go up and get em'/
If memories I had could make a road to heaven/
I build a motorway/
I give you a lift home/
If its heard man I could hear your voice again/
My daddy suffer with his pain/
I do anything to bring you back, to bring you back/
I do anything to bring you back, bring you back/

Verse One:

Shane died now his mother cries forever/
Life is what you make and do with it/
Made by the bodies of societies/
Conned by the moves of evil privacies/
Trapped, only thing i make are the dreams that I sleep with/
Or like the children inherited/
Girls pregnant, sexing unprotected fucked/
So now the arguments start/
Abortion is of no meaning/
The thoughts get crossed crucified/
Like supposed days of Jesus Christ/
Book opens like a pair of legs/
Page blank like no facial expression/
The pens tip it roll upon the surface/
Thinking process, it plays the part of the multiple position/
Time ticks, now the ink spills/
Nature takes place in this many different ways/
Lost inner cycle of stress inner strength weak/
Back peddle breaks the forward movement/
My body manifest with the open arms/
The count down to the afterlife of many questions/
Morbid grey situations/
Lead to the actions of no respected meaning/
The point in living/
Knowledge and the children, melanin is deep/
You see the surface/
Life whilst facing the sun/
Warm the thoughts of special creation/
Both sides of the coin flourish with that trapped rage/
Only chance we take is to cut life and join the line of death/

Hook: Hey!Zeus.I

If the tears that I cry could build a stairway to heaven/
I cry 1000 tears and go up and get em'/
If memories I had could make a road to heaven/
I build a motorway/
I give you a lift home/
If its heard man I could hear your voice again/
My daddy suffer with his pain/
I do anything to bring you back, to bring you back/
I do anything to bring you back, bring you back/

Verse Two:

Standing over cold body once soul accommodated/
I see her on her last day, felt the feeling/
Before her heart stop, no judge/
So for the soul decision to take a part of my life it wasn't wrong/
She said to kill time use conversation/
She spoke a lot/
Devine signs of no patience/
For the 1st time in my life I say the meaning of wanting to die/
When life of someone close goes/
Multiple faces expresses feelings deepest/
What's sympathy?
A piss take of understanding ones sadness/
Kiss your forehead/
Felt a cold so harsh, but reflection warm the heart/
Feel like 2 birds targeted by 1 stone/
Bad luck it hits you in threes/
I'm having trouble coping with it/
Memories that over flood the mind can't control it/
Sitting silent on your chair, bedroom door still open/
Still in arrangement, things on how you last left it/
Bed made after the last night you slept in it/
The last days, I caught you in your own conversational zone/
A new dimension of then our last words/
I try kill time these days through verbal conversation/
Bless your soul, we meet again/
Now the comic's hold you, the levels of sound it hold me/
When the maths of life compose its next formula/
My death might be its answer/